The Commercial Invoice

Shipments with a destination outside the EU must always be accompanied by a commercial invoice. As of 1 January 2019, stricter rules apply to the handling of dutiable shipments. This has consequences for the shipments of parcels to countries outside the European Union. One of the consequences is that you are obliged to deliver the commercial invoice digitally for every shipment. Addressing and description of the goods should be stated as clearly and specifically as possible. For example, avoid using words such as samples, goods, gifts, accessories, etc.

How do you make a commercial invoice for your shipment?

  1. If applicable, find the HS codes (goods code) of the goods in your shipment on the website of the Customs;
  2. Choose the correct INCO term for your transport, in most cases this is DAP (Delivered At Place). Read more about frequently used INCO terms on the website of the Chamber of Commerce;
  3. View an explanation of a commercial invoice and what to fill in;


  1. Download an empty commercial invoice and fill it in with the required information;
  2. Forward the completed commercial invoice to PriParcel using the email you’ve received for the invoice;
  3. PriParcel will then forward the digital version to the carrier and print five copies of the completed commercial invoice and hand it over to the carrier when the parcel is picked up.

As a sender, you always remain responsible for the contents of the shipment and the correct completion and delivery of the invoice. PriParcel is not the sender and is not liable neither responsible for the correctness of the information entered on the invoice.

Commercial Invoice example

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