Consolidate packages

A Gucci bag from Italy, a mobile phone from China and sneakers from America… You can enjoy shopping at the best webshops from different countries and have all products delivered to PriParcel.

As soon as we receive packages for you, you will see this in the PriPortal. We take a photo of each package so it’s immediately clear to you in which condition the package arrived. This way it’s easy to keep track of which packages have already been received by us and which packages are still on the way. Especially when you order a lot of packages, this way it is easy to keep things organized. We can store the packages for you as long as you want.

Consolidate and save on shipping costs!

Once you are ready to receive the packages, select the ones you want to have combined into one shipment. We always combine as many packages as possible into one box, while of course taking into account the maximum permitted dimensions and weight.

This way you only have to pay shipping costs once and that saves a lot of money! It is also more sustainable to send only one shipment instead of multiple, separate shipments. Especially when the shipment is intercontinental and is transported by air freight. So in addition to the financial advantage, you also save CO2 emissions this way.


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Questions and answers regarding consolidation

Is it always possible to consolidate multiple parcels?2021-07-13T19:09:31+01:00

No, when parcels are too big and/or too heavy, they cannot be consolidated because we will exceed the maximum weight and/or size that is allowed. In that case they are sent as individual shipments.

Does PriParcel open the boxes when they are consolidated?2021-07-13T19:09:49+01:00

No, by default we just put the boxes in a bigger box. But if you want, we can open the packages so that we only consolidate the contents and send as little packaging material as possible. This can cause a big price difference, especially for shipments outside the EU.

Can PriParcel remove the outer boxes during consolidation?2021-07-13T19:09:04+01:00

Yes, that is possible. However, this is no standard service so please contact us in case you want us to do this.

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