Fraud prevention

We work together with, among others, the police, customs and special organizations that fight fraud. We also have intensive contact with web shops to prevent their products from remaining unpaid or being wrongly purchased in some other way.

Of course we always assume that our customers are honest and use our service with the right intentions. Fortunately, in most cases this is the case.

However, when a shipment meets certain characteristics, it may be marked as a ‘potentially fraudulent shipment’. In that case, we are forced to request additional information from the account holder and/or the shipment. In the meantime, the account will be set to STANDBY and the parcels cannot be forwarded.

PriParcel has a zero tolerance policy when it comes to fraud. We want to provide a fair and honest service that is very convenient for customers, but we do not want to cooperate in any way with unfair practices.

fraud prevention

Fraud: what we don’t cooperate with

To avoid any misunderstanding, we outline below some examples on which we will act immediately:

  • Order products without paying for them

  • Order products and pay, but later send in a false return

  • Trademark infringement by ordering counterfeit products

  • Ordering or delivering prohibited products such as drugs

  • Non-delivery of paid orders (as a webshop)

  • Failure to pay VAT and/or import duties

Do you have any questions about the above or is there another reason why you would like to talk to us about this?

Please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.