PriParcel uses leading carriers to ensure that your package is in good hands.
Our preferred carrier is DHL, with whom we have very good experiences. Due to the large volumes of packages that we send with them, we have been able to negotiate attractive prices. Of course you also reap the benefits of this by paying the best price possible!

Shipments Netherlands / Belgium

  • DHL is our preferred carrier and also the cheapest option.
  • Our secondary carrier is PostNL with whom we also have good experiences when it concerns shipments within the Netherlands and Belgium.
  • We don’t recommend UPS nor Express shipments

Shipments within Europe

  • DHL is our preferred carrier and in most cases the cheapest option
  • PostNL is also good but transit times are longer.
  • Some customers prefer UPS but in most cases they are a bit more expensive

Shipments outside the EU

  • The prices of shipments outside the EU differ every day and it can therefore also differ which carrier is the cheapest.
  • In most cases we use DHL Express, but sometimes also UPS Express, FedEx or TNT.

Express shipments

  • Outside Europe we use Express shipments by default
  • Within Europe we can use Express shipments on request (additional costs apply)
  • Extra rules may be attached to express shipments

Shipping options

With all carriers you can choose the following options per shipment:

  • Only deliver to home address and not to neighbors
  • Signature for receipt required
  • Extra value insurance

All rules and conditions of each carrier also apply to your package, when it is sent through us with that carrier. Please also review our Prohibited & Restricted page for items that have specific shipping requirements.


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