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Customs and duties

PriParcel can receive parcels from any country in the world and we can forward to any country in the world. When we receive or send packages outside the EU, we have to deal with customs and import duties. Below we explain what to do in case you have a package sent to us from outside Europe (import) and / or in case we send the package from our location to a country outside Europe (export).

Import: have a package sent to us from outside Europe

When you want to receive parcels from outside the EU, in most cases a customs fee / duties need to be paid. To ensure that this runs smoothly and that there are no delays, we recommend the following procedure.

Preferred method: you pay directly to the carrier

The quickest en cheapest option for all parties involved, is that you pay the fees directly to the carrier. In most cases one of these procedures is applicable:

  • When the sender ensures that your email address is on the label (parcel), the carrier can send you an email with a payment link for the customs fee. In this way you can pay the fee before delivery takes place (DHL works this way). In case you did not receive a message from the carrier, contact them to coordinate with them directly.
  • The tracking info contains a link with which you can pay the fee (UPS uses this method).

Alternative method: we pay on your behalf at the time of delivery

It is also possible that we pay the import duties on your behalf, but there are costs and conditions attached:

  • Make sure there is enough money in your account to cover the amount that must be paid
  • Inform us in advance about the carrier, the amount due and the tracking number
  • This is only possible if we can pay with a bank card. We cannot make cash payments!

Please note:
The parcel must always be addressed to you (your name) so not to PriParcel. A parcel addressed to PriParcel will not be accepted, as you are the recipient and responsible for the parcel.


Export: we forward your parcel outside of Europe

Shipments with a destination outside the EU must always be accompanied by a commercial invoice. As of 1 January 2019, stricter rules apply to the handling of dutiable shipments. This has consequences for the shipments of parcels to countries outside the European Union. One of the consequences is that you are obliged to deliver the commercial invoice digitally for every shipment. Addressing and description of the goods should be stated as clearly and specifically as possible. For example, avoid using words such as samples, goods, gifts, accessories, etc.

Commercial Invoice example

How do you make a commercial invoice for your shipment?

  1. If applicable, find the HS codes (goods code) of the goods in your shipment on the website of the Customs;
  2. Choose the correct INCO term for your transport, in most cases this is DAP (Delivered At Place). Read more about frequently used INCO terms on the website of the Chamber of Commerce;
  3. View an explanation of a commercial invoice and what to fill in;


  1. Download an empty commercial invoice and fill it in with the required information;
  2. Forward the completed commercial invoice to PriParcel using the email you’ve received for the invoice;
  3. PriParcel will then forward the digital version to the carrier and print five copies of the completed commercial invoice and hand it over to the carrier when the parcel is picked up.

As a sender, you always remain responsible for the contents of the shipment and the correct completion and delivery of the invoice. PriParcel is not the sender and is not liable neither responsible for the correctness of the information entered on the invoice.

Questions and answers regarding customs & duties

What amount of import duties do I have to pay?2021-07-13T15:14:16+01:00

That amount depends on the value of the contents of the shipment. PriParcel is not aware of this, so we do not know how much import duties have to be paid. The carrier has this information so please contact them about this.

Does PriParcel check whether my completed commercial invoice is correct?2021-07-13T15:24:49+01:00

We check in outline whether we see any strange things, but we cannot check everything because we do not know everything. You are responsible for correctly completing the invoice. If the invoice is not accepted by the carrier or customs, PriParcel is not responsible for this.

Do I as a private person also have to complete the commercial invoice?2021-07-13T15:13:41+01:00

Yes, a commercial invoice is always necessary when we forward a parcel outside the EU. It doesn’t matter if you are a private person or a business.

Can PriParcel pay customs duties for me?2021-07-13T15:42:29+01:00

We strongly advise you to pay the customs fees directly to the carrier. However:

  • In case of DHL we are able to make the payment when there is enough money in your account.
  • In case of UPS we are not able to pay as UPS only offers the option to pay in cash, which we don’t have.
  • In case of PostNL we can go the the nearest PostNL point to pay at the counter.

Please note that we charge extra fees for this.

Can PriParcel help me with completing the commercial invoice?2021-07-13T15:24:58+01:00

There is an explanation on this page and that helps you step by step to complete the invoice.

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