Parcel processing by PriParcel

When your Postbox is set to receive packages, we have automatically created a free PriParcel account for you.

How does it work:

  • We take a picture of all the packages we receive for you and ‘we’ll upload it in the portal.
  • With PriPost you are used to working with a Postbox number. With PriParcel you now also have a Parcelbox number. It does not matter to us which of these two are mentioned in the address, because both numbers lead to you.
  • Note: no forwarding frequency is used within PriParcel. Packages are from now on always forwarded on demand. You must indicate in the portal which packages you want to have forwarded and when.
  • Once a package has been received by us, it will be stored for FREE for 30 days.
    After that, € 0,10 per package per day will be charged.
  • From now on, all communication regarding your parcels will be via the portal and no longer via email. This makes it all faster, safer and easier.

Are you ready to create your PriParcel account?

Would you first like some more information or do you have a specific question?

Call us, sent an e-mail or chat with our colleagues via the contact page.