The use of parcel-/pickup points as a location to receive parcels

You can only choose a pickup point within 15 km. from your parcel forwarding address

When you want PriParcel to forward a package to you, you can also choose a DHL parcel point or PostNL pickup point. As a rule you always need to provide a parcel forwarding address in the area of this point. That given parcel forwarding address must now be near that pickup point. If a parcel forwarding address is not near (within 15 km) from the pick-up point it is not possible for PriParcel to book your shipment. The software from DHL and PostNL prohibits this.

The reason for PostNL and DHL to take these measures is to counter fraud. Of course this does not effect just PriParcel but everyone that wants to use a parcel point as a pickup location. PriParcel has no influence on these new rules set by PostNL and DHL and will therefore simply have to take them into account.

DHL ParcelPoint

As a customer of PriParcel you are responsible for the correct parcel forwarding address. You can make/select this address in the PriPortal. Make sure that this parcel forwarding address is NOT the pickup location itself. If a shipment is returned due to an incorrect parcel forwarding address we have to charge you the return costs.

What to do:

  • Enter a parcel forwarding address in the PriPortal that is close to the PostNL or DHL pick-up point you want to use. The distance may not exceed 15 km.

  • Select this parcel forwarding address and then select the DHL or PostNL pick-up point that is in the area of this address

  • Do you have a pickup address in your address book in the PriPortal? Then remove this address from your address book a.s.a.p to avoid mistakes.

What NOT to do:

  • Do NOT use a parcel forwarding address that is further away then 15 km from the pickup point you want to use.

  • Do NOT use the address from the pick-up point as your parcel forwarding address

  • Even when it it possible in the PriPortal to select a pickup location further then 15 km – do not select this. We will NOT process your shipment. Our IT is working on a solution to only to show the addresses within 15 km.