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Prohibited & restricted items

The list below contains items that cannot be shipped, or in other words are prohibited. However, please note that this list is not exhaustive and the rules and restrictions are subject to constant change. We endeavor to keep this page up to date, from the information provided by our carriers. Ultimately you are responsible for only sending products/goods with us that comply with all government and courier restrictions.

Remember that prohibited items cannot be shipped at all. Restricted items have reduced shipping options by quantity or specific type of item and may require special documentation or additional costs. If you are concerned about your product, please contact our customer service.

Prohibited items

  • Products that can spoil

  • Money, coins, debit cards, credit cards, valuable documents (e.g. passports)

  • Livestock

  • Human organs / remains

  • Animals and hunting trophies

  • Unaccompanied luggage

  • Fertilizer

  • Personal protective equipment

  • Prohibited items such as firearms, etc.

  • Narcotics/drugs

  • Dangerous goods (e.g. chemicals, paints, fireworks, batteries, etc.)

  • Parcels with an inherent defect which, because of their nature, can damage people, merchandise, or equipment

  • Illegal goods such as counterfeit products

  • Products whose transport is legally prohibited in the country of origin, transit, or destination

  • Products that require special facilities, safety precautions, or permits

Restricted items

  • Products of exceptionally high value (e.g. antiques)

  • Food products, unless well packed and shipped unconditioned

  • Plants, except flower bulbs

  • Parfumes

  • Products that can be considered offensive, such as pornography or goods that are politically sensitive, must be packaged correctly and the packaging may not be perceived as provocative

  • Alcohol

Rules per carrier

As stated, the rules differ per country, but the rules can also differ per carrier. That is why we refer you to the website pages of the carriers with whom we work. These pages describe in detail which goods are and are not transported or which additional rules apply. Click on the logos below to go to the relevant web page.

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Questions and answers regarding prohibited & restricted items

I want to forward a parcel that contains a restricted item, what should I do?2021-07-13T19:00:48+01:00

In most cases it needs a specific way of transporting, packaging or treatment so contact us before the shipment is being processed.

Does PriParcel open the parcels to check the content?2021-07-13T19:02:04+01:00

In most cases we don’t, but in some cases we do. Normal shipments within the EU are rarely opened, only when we suspect fraud. Express shipments outside the EU are opened in almost all cases, because extra rules apply to these shipments.

Can I combine a phone and a power bank into one parcel?2021-07-13T19:00:14+01:00

That depends on how the package is transported. If we send the package by road, it is no problem. If we send the package by air (Express shipment), these 2 items cannot be combined in 1 box and therefore 2 separate shipments must be made.

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