Use of the PriPortal2021-11-11T10:45:37+01:00

Questions & Answers regarding use of the PriPortal

How do I change the carrier for my shipment?2021-07-14T16:48:45+01:00

Once you requested forwarding, it’s not possible to make adjustments anymore. So in case you want to change the carrier (or any other thing), you need to contact us so we can place back the parcel(s) in your Received items. After that you can request forwarding again.

How do I open a support ticket?2020-05-28T22:26:06+01:00

Click on your name at the top right of the PriPortal and choose Support. There you can create a support ticket.

Does PriParcel accept packages that are not listed as expected shipments?2021-07-14T17:22:59+01:00

Yes, we do. It is not necessary to specify expected shipments in the PriPortal. This function is mainly intended for your own administration, so that you can keep an overview of the packages you have ordered.

How can I add additional names / addressees?2021-05-20T12:23:42+01:00

When you are in the PriParcel section (in PriPortal) click on Settings and then My addressees. There you can change or add names for whom you would also want to receive parcels.

How can I add or change my parcel forwarding address?2021-07-14T16:55:09+01:00

When you are in the PriParcel section (in PriPortal) click on your name and choose ‘My account’. Select Addresses in the left column. There you can change or add addresses.

What are the password requirements?2020-05-28T22:03:30+01:00

The password must contain at least 1 uppercase letter, 1 lowercase letter, 1 number and 1 special character.

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