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World wide package forwarding

As soon as we have received your parcel, we take photos of it that we upload in your online portal. This is done on the day of delivery and the parcel is visible in your Received shipments. Based on the pictures you see exactly what we have received for you and what the condition of the package is. From that moment on you can request package forwarding and we make sure everything is taken care of. Just follow the steps below…


Package forwarding request in the portal

  • Select the parcel(s) that you want to have forwarded
    If you want multiple parcels forwarded to the same address, you can select all those parcels at once so that they are consolidated into one shipment. This will save you a lot of transport costs!
  • Choose the desired shipment date
    This is the date the shipment leaves our warehouse.
  • Choose the carrier
    On this page you calculate which carrier is the cheapest for your shipment.
  • Choose the parcel forwarding address
    • Select if you want to use the forwarding address or a close by parcel point
    • In case of a parcel point: a map is shown with the parcel points within 15 km. of the forwarding address
    • In case of a forwarding address: select whether this is a residential or a business address
  • Select extra options (if needed)
  • If you will use the same settings for each shipment, you can save the settings so that you do not have to enter everything again every time.

You can choose between one of these carriers

package forwarding

Parcel forwarding: the conditions

When we forward parcels for you, you have to take into account a few things:

  • PriParcel is designed to process parcels and we are not suited to forward pallets
  • Packages that exceed the maximum weight (31 kg.) can not be forwarded because they need to be transported on a pallet
  • Packages that exceed the maximum allowed dimensions can in some cases not be forwarded or a high surcharge is applied by the carrier
  • For shipments outside the EU, a commercial invoice must be completed, you will receive an email about this

Once the shipment has left our warehouse, you will receive the Track & Trace information.

Are you ready to create your PriParcel account?

Would you first like some more information or do you have a specific question?

Call us, sent an e-mail or chat with our colleagues via the contact page.

package forwarding faq

Questions and answers regarding forwarding

What are the transit times for my shipment?2021-07-14T16:47:23+01:00

Transit times depend on carrier and destination. Please check this page for more information about transit times.

My shipment is lost, what should I do?2021-07-14T16:46:48+01:00

When it concerns a shipment sent by us, please contact us so we can start an investigation by contacting the carrier. We will probably need additional information e.g. the product invoice as proof of the contents of the parcel.

When it concerns a shipment sent to us, please contact the sender or the carrier.

Is it possible to forward my parcel to a Parcel point?2021-07-14T16:47:48+01:00

In most cases it is possible, but for some countries it isn’t. Please contact us for more information about a specific country or address.

How long does it take before PriParcel can forward my parcel?2021-07-14T16:49:40+01:00

Photos will be taken as soon as we have received your package. These will be uploaded to the portal the same day. After that you can request forwarding of the parcel and the system lets you choose a date that is at least 2 working days ahead. This is because we need time to process the parcel and the carrier needs time to come and pick it up. However, it happens often that we will process it faster.

If it concerns an urgent shipment that needs to be processed immediately, please contact us. There are additional costs associated with this.

How do I change the carrier for my shipment?2021-07-14T16:48:45+01:00

Once you requested forwarding, it’s not possible to make adjustments anymore. So in case you want to change the carrier (or any other thing), you need to contact us so we can place back the parcel(s) in your Received items. After that you can request forwarding again.

How can I add or change my parcel forwarding address?2021-07-14T16:55:09+01:00

When you are in the PriParcel section (in PriPortal) click on your name and choose ‘My account’. Select Addresses in the left column. There you can change or add addresses.

Can you forward parcels using a return label I received from a webshop?2021-07-14T16:49:20+01:00

No, we only forward parcels using our own labels. We don’t process webshop returns and this page explains more about this. In some cases we can make an exception, please contact us about this.

Can PriParcel forward my shipment using Express service?2021-07-14T16:48:14+01:00

Yes we can. Contact us to inform us about this, just before or immediately after you requested forwarding through the system. Prices for these shipments are higher and certain conditions apply. For that reason we need to know the content of the parcel.

Can I pick up my parcels myself?2021-07-14T16:49:08+01:00

No, that’s not possible as we are no pick-up location. We can only forward parcels.

package forwarding faq
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