Pictures of your parcels

PriParcel takes multiple pictures of every parcel that arrives. We do this for several reasons:

  • You immediately know which package has been received for you
  • You also exactly see in which state the package arrived
  • You can easily organize the process of receiving and forwarding parcels because every parcels has a unique code

We think it is very important that you can rely on our service. That is why we take pictures of all parcels, so that you can see exactly what we have received for you and in what condition the parcel is. Suppose a package has been delivered to us damaged, you will be informed immediately so that you can approach the supplier and/or carrier.

The pictures are uploaded in the customer portal so you have all the information neatly organized together. That is not only safer than sending photos via email, but also more practical. This allows you to easily organize the packages and indicate which packages you want to have forwarded.


More pictures of your parcels?

Do you want to receive more pictures? No problem!

We see this need mainly with webshop owners for whom we receive and process the returns. But also for other customers we can take photos of the contents of the packages, so that you can see for yourself in what condition the products are. This can be important, for example, when you ordered fragile products. Please contact us to request this.

When we forward parcels to you, we also take pictures of the (consolidated) parcel that we transfer to the carrier.. This way you can see for yourself in which condition the parcel is when it leaves our warehouse. In case something goes wrong with the shipment and/or you receive the parcel damaged, then there is clear evidence so that the carrier can be held accountable for this.

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