Photos of your packages

PriParcel takes a photo of every package that arrives. We do this for several reasons:

  • You immediately know which package has been received for you
  • You also know in which state the package arrived

Because we think it’s important that you can rely on our service, we do not charge any costs for taking these photos. We believe that this is part of an optimal service and that’s why it is free and standard with us.

The photos are uploaded in the customer portal so you have all the information neatly organized together. That is not only safer than sending photos via email, but also more practical.


More pictures

Do you want to receive more photos? That’s possible!

We see this need mainly with webshop owners for whom we receive and process the returns. We can also take photos of the contents of the packages, so that you can see for yourself in what condition the products are. This can be important, for example, to determine what action you can take towards your customer.

When we consolidate packages for you, we can also take photos of the consolidation process. This way you can see for yourself which packages or products go into the box and in which condition the shipment leaves our location. If something goes wrong with the shipment, it is clear where the cause lies.

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