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One-off registration costs when creating account€ 7,50
Use of the PriParcel address to have your parcel(s) shipped toFREE
Accept and sign for your parcel (all carriers):
  • Label each individual parcel with a traceable and unique PriParcel barcode

  • Photograph each parcel and upload to the PriPortal

  • Inform you about the arrived package
€ 4,00 per parcel
Store your parcel till your are ready to have it (consolidated) forwarded30 days FREE (Premium)
7 days FREE (Basic)
Calculate carrier shipment costs
Preparing your shipment:
  • Photographs of the outgoing shipment

  • labelling an transfer the shipment to the carrier

  • Administrative processing and forwarding Track & Trace code
€ 5,25 per shipment
Alternative pick-up location€ 3,75 per parcel
Handling fee COD shipment€ 5,00 - € 15,00 per parcel
Store your parcel after free period€ 0,05 till € 0,30 per parcel per day (depends on size)
Process a postal item€ 5,00 per item
Special services:
  • Pictures of content of the parcel

  • Remove outer packaging material

  • Remove invoice

  • Remove price tags

  • Protection packing material (bubble wrap)

  • Custom box

  • Urgent shipment (express)

  • Overweight shipments (>31kg)
On request
Consolidate your parcels and repack in a larger box (optional)€ 3,50 per extra parcel
Handling commercial invoice for shipments outside EU€ 7,50 per shipment
  • All prices mentioned are excluded 21% VAT
  • For shipments outside EU the carrier charges are VAT free


Accept and sign for the parcels5 x € 4,-€ 20,-
Consolidate 5 parcels into one shipment4 x € 3,50€ 14,-
Handling commercial invoice1 x € 7,50€ 7,50
Label and prepare the shipment1 x € 5,-€ 5,-
Shipping costs to US with FedEX
(weight 5kg. / size 35x35x37cm.)
€ 98,45
Total€ 144,95
Accept and sign for the parcels12 x € 4,-€ 48,-
Consolidate 12 parcels into one shipment11 x € 3,50€ 38,50
Label and prepare the shipment1 x € 5,-€ 5,-
Shipping costs to Italy with PostNL
(weight 12 kg.)
€ 31,38
Total€ 122,88

We have a lot of webshops out of Europe for who we handle the returns. Check this page for more information.

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Questions and answers regarding pricing

Which carrier is the cheapest?2021-07-14T17:35:59+01:00

This depends on the weight, size and forwarding address, so there is not just one answer. In many cases PostNL is the cheapest carrier, but they are slower when it comes to international shipments. UPS is in most cases the most expensive carrier as they have all kinds of surcharges that drive up the price.

The price for my shipment is higher than the price given by the shipping calculator, how is this possible?2021-07-14T17:36:16+01:00

In some cases, especially when it concerns shipments with UPS, additional surcharges are added. Surcharges are not included in the shipping calculator but are calculated in the final price. Examples are surcharges for a residential address, for remote locations, for parcels with unusual dimensions (e.g. round boxes / rolls) etc.

My country is not in the shipping calculator, how can I know the price for the shipment?2021-07-14T17:35:48+01:00

Countries outside the EU are not included in the shipping calculator as shipping rates vary daily. If you would like to receive a quote, send an email to [email protected] with:

  • forwarding address
  • dimensions of the parcel
  • weight
  • preferred carrier or cheapest carrier
  • insurance yes/no and in case yes, the amount
I live outside the EU, can I pay without VAT?2021-07-14T17:35:34+01:00

Yes, when your account is registered with us with an address outside the EU, we won’t charge VAT

Do I have to pay VAT when I want to forward my parcel to a country outside the EU?2021-07-14T17:35:08+01:00

What is leading is where you live, not where the parcel is sent to. When you live within the EU, you need to pay VAT, also for shipments that are sent to a country outside the EU.

Can I get a discount for small parcels?2021-07-14T17:34:36+01:00

The rates that PriParcel charges are the same for small or big parcels, because the actions we must perform are the same. The transport costs can be cheaper for small parcels (especially with intercontinental shipments) because volume and weight determine the price there.

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