Unauthorized use of our address

We have noticed that it happens very occasionally that our address is used illegally. This is the case when we do not have a relationship with a company and they use our address on their website and/or on other communication channels. When we discover this, we immediately start an investigation and contact the company concerned (if possible). If there is no response, we will report this to the authorities and this company will receive a letter from our lawyer Mr. Julliet Smit with the summation to stop using our address immediately. However, we cannot make more than a report, because the authorities do not see us as a disadvantaged party. Mail/parcels sent to our address will be refused.

Onrechtmatig gebruik van PriParcel

We don’t do business with these companies

PriParcel has no relationship with these companies and it is not possible for us to make statements about reliability. Use your common sense and always act as you see fit. If you have any questions, please contact the relevant company or online store. Look for contact details at the Chamber of Commerce. Are you disadvantaged? Always report it to the police.

Notification Name Company URL
24-12-2020 Anytime mailbox https://www.anytimemailbox.com/
18-12-2020 Lutfy https://lutfy.nl/

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