Forwarding costs: a fixed price for webshops

When you register yourself at PriParcel as a webshop, you pay special, low rates for both processing and forwarding your returns. You also choose a fixed frequency of forwarding, so that you keep a grip on the costs. In this way we help both large and small webshops to process their returns, because you never pay too much for it.

You choose which carrier you want to use, DHL or PostNL, to have the returns forwarded. Within the EU you pay a fixed price for forwarding, regardless of the number of packages in the shipment. We will combine as much parcels as possible into a shipment, taking into account the maximum permitted dimensions and weight.


Forwarding costs: outside the EU

Do you want to have your webshop returns forwarded to a country outside the EU? Then please contact us for more information about the forwarding rates.

Because the prices for shipments outside the EU fluctuate strongly daily, we cannot give a fixed price. We will calculate the cheapest option at a time, so that you never pay too much.

Don’t miss out on the special low rates for webshops

After you applied for the PriParcel service, register yourself as a webshop on this page to make sure you don’t miss out on the special low rates for webshops. This includes both the processing as forwarding costs.

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