Looking for an address in Europe to receive your parcels?

PriParcel has been RECEIVING, CONSOLIDATING and FORWARDING parcels for 3500+ customers worldwide for over 10 years.

You can use our address in the Netherlands and we forward to any country in the world

Arrange everything easily in our online platform.

receive parcels

Receive parcels

We can receive parcels from any country and any webshop in the world, delivered at our door by any carrier. It’s not necessary to inform us in advance about packages that will be delivered for you. We will accept and process them and take pictures so you know exactly what we received for you.


To save on shipping and handling costs, we can consolidate your packages into one shipment. This saves you a lot of money and it saves transport movements, which means less CO2 emissions. We therefore always recommend that you make use of this!

consolidate packages


Our goal is to provide the best possible personal service so that you can receive your confidential parcels anywhere, anytime with peace of mind.

We think it is essential, when using an alternative parcel address, that you can trust the company that receives and processes the parcels. We’re here for you!

package forwarding

Package forwarding

Once the received parcels are processed and visible in your portal, you can request forwarding of your parcels. You can choose your preferred carrier and indicate any options you want to use, such as insured shipping or signature on delivery. After payment of the shipment, we will process everything and you will receive the track and trace code so that you can follow the shipment.

Webshop returns

For webshops we have a special service for receiving and processing returns. Ideal if you have a webshop but are not in the opportunity to receive the returns yourself or simply do not want to use your own address for that. We can receive your returns from just €1 per return and there is no minimum. So no returns means no costs which makes it easy to start, even when you are just starting.

webshop returns

Our parcel services

fraud prevention

Fraud prevention

PriParcel has a zero tolerance policy when it comes to fraud. We provide an honest service that is convenient for our customers, but we do not cooperate in any way with unfair practices.



Are you importing parcels from outside the EU? Please check how we deal with parcels for which customs fees need to be paid, to prevent parcels from being refused at the door.



Do you spend a lot of time abroad and do you not always know where you can receive your packages? We can store them for as long as you wish and forward them anywhere, anytime. Just let us know!

Secure login to the PriPortal

Packages are very personal and your personal details are also very confidential information. That is why we do everything we can to make the online customer portal (PriPortal) as secure as possible, so that your data is safe. Of course our IT people play a major role in this, but so do you! After all, you are the one who logs in to gain access to the PriPortal. To do this extra safely, we ask you to take an extra security step in addition to a username and password. You can choose from three different methods.