How to return drop shipped items?

Wondering how to return drop shipped items? Offering customers the option to return items is great service. However, it is up to you to handle the logistics and make sure the process works smoothly.

Are you starting a web store and in doubt about how to handle the returns? Not every drop ship supplier offers an option for returns. On the other hand, it can quickly become very complicated to manage it all from home and make sure customers do not have to wait too long.

We offer exactly what you are looking for. You can use our address in the Netherlands for the returning of drop shipped items. So, whenever you need to find a solution for drop shipping returns management, we are right there for you.


Professional return service

We are the drop ship address you’re looking for when you start a web store. By choosing our parcel service you will experience five important benefits:

  • From all carriers
    We can handle parcels from all carriers, both nationally (within the Netherlands), internationally within and also outside the European Union.

  • Receiving and processing
    We can receive the returns that customers send. Next to that, we can make photos and make sure the parcel is processed in the way you want.

  • Quick response times
    Is anything unclear or would you like to talk to us about a specific situation? Our quick response times guarantee there will be no unnecessary delays.

  • Starting from €1,30 per item
    Our service work efficiently. We can work for low prices, starting from only €1,30 per parcel. It only adds a little extra cost to your drop shipping returns management.

  • 100% flexibility
    We are 100% flexible when it comes to special requests and ways to help you even quicker or add other services net to the drop shipping returns.


Web store from home

Are you planning on starting a web store from home? We can explain you how to return drop shipped items. We know about logistics and how to manage it properly. And are you already selling by drop shipping, but looking for a better solution then doing it all from home? We provide what you are looking for.

How to return drop shipped items: let us explain

If you have any questions on our service, just let us know. We can explain you how to return drop shipped items. And how to make sure the process works efficiently and won’t cost too much.

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