Unlawful use of our address

In a single case, one of our addresses is used unlawfully. This is the case when we have no relationship with a company and they still use our address on a website and / or other communications. When we discover this, we immediately start an investigation and we always first contact the relevant company (as far as possible). However, if we do not receive a response, we will report this to the authorities and this company will receive a letter from our lawyer Mr. Julliet Smit from The Hague with the summation to stop using our address immediately. Unfortunately, we cannot do more than making a statement, because the authorities do not see us as an injured party and reporting is therefore not possible. Mail/packages sent to our address will (as far as possible) be refused.

We have no relationship with the companies below and it is not possible for us to make statements about the reliability. Use your common sense and always act as you see fit. If you have any questions, first contact the relevant company or webshop and look for contact details at the Chamber of Commerce. Are you disadvantaged? Always report it to the police. That is the only way to stop this kind of practice.


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