Store parcels: how does it work?

As soon as we receive a package for you, we take a picture of the package and upload it in your PriPortal. We will then store the package for as long as you want. Depending on the subscription you have chosen, the first 15 or 45 days of storage are free of charge. You then pay an amount per package per day, which depends on the size of the package:

  • Small size parcel: € 0,05 per parcel, per day (max. 2 kg. / max. 45 cm. x 35 cm. x 15 cm.)
  • Medium size parcel: € 0,15 per parcel, per day  (max. 20 kg. / max. 61 cm. x 46 cm. x 46 cm.)
  • Big size parcel: € 0,25 per parcel, per day (all heavier / larger parcels)

As soon as you are ready to receive the package(s), you indicate this in the portal. In the event that multiple packages need to be forwarded to you, we will consolidate them so you save a lot on shipping costs.

The main advantages:

  • Easy to organize via the online PriPortal

  • A picture of every package we store for you

  • Packages are stored for as long as you wish

  • The first 15 / 45 days are FREE!

  • After that only €0,05 – € 0,25 per parcel per day


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