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Payment and invoicing

PriParcel has outsourced the financial administration to PriServices.

To keep administration costs as low as possible, we work with a practical prepaid payment system. You pay through an online wallet, which we call an e-wallet. The costs for processing your parcels will be settled with this e-wallet.

Once you want us to forward a shipment to you, we will calculate the price and communicatie this in the PriPortal. If there is sufficient balance in your e-wallet you can pay directly with a click of a button. Otherwise you can pay directly through our service payment providor.

Payments can be made with the following options:

  • Ideal (free)

  • Creditcard *

  • Apple Pay *

  • Bancontact *

  • Mister Cash *

  • SOFORT banking *

  • EPS *

  • Giropay *

  • KBC/CBC *

  • Belfius *

  • ING Home Pay *

  • Przelewy24 *

* There are costs associated with these deposit options

Direct Debit

If you frequently use our services, it is also possible to top up your e-wallet via direct debit. We will send you a form to authorize this. A few days before an amount withdrawal is made from your bank account, you will receive a message about this. Please note that a security deposit can be requested.

For businesses with a large volume of parcels we can arrange other methods of payment. Please contact the administration about this.


A combined specified invoice which also includes the other Pri-services (if you use any) will be sent by email in the first week of the new month. Here you will find an overview of the costs incurred. The remaining e-wallet balance is also stated. If you want to know your e-wallet balance in the meantime, you can view this in the customer portal.

For customers with a valid VAT number outside the Netherlands and within the EU, the VAT can be transferred. Contact the administration for this. Under certain conditions, companies and individuals established or living outside the EU can be billed without VAT.

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Questions and answers regarding payment

My balance is low and I want to know which costs have been deducted, where can I find this information?2021-07-13T14:55:19+01:00

In the first week of the new month, the invoice for the previous month is available in the portal (at My account – Financial). That invoice contains all specifications, ie all deposits and payments from the e-wallet.

If you cannot wait for that invoice, you can request a pro forma invoice by sending an email to [email protected]

I made a payment to top up my balance but I received back the money, why is that?2021-07-13T14:55:45+01:00

You can only make payments through our system or using a payment link we sent you, and it’s not possible to make a direct payment to Mollie. This is because Mollie needs a unique transaction code for each payment. Without that unique transaction code, the money will automatically be refunded.

I made a banktransfer to pay my shipment and received a confirmation, but the system keeps asking for payment, how is that possible?2021-07-13T14:56:07+01:00

An international banktransfer always takes a few days before the money reaches us. As soon as we received the money, it will be added to your account and you can click the button Pay by e-wallet.

To prevent delays, it’s better to use other payment methods like credit card or Ideal. Or make sure there is already money in your account to use for the shipment.

I have €25,- in my e-wallet and my shipment costs €38,-. Can I pay only the difference and you use the money from my e-wallet?2021-07-13T14:52:57+01:00

There are 2 options:

  • You either make an extra deposit in your e-wallet (minimum €25,-) and you pay the shipment by e-wallet.
  • Or you pay the shipment by clicking on the payment link and the money that is in your e-wallet stays there for later use.
How do I pay for my shipments?2021-07-13T14:53:37+01:00

Once you request forwarding of your parcel, we will determine the price which consists of both our costs and the costs for transport. A payment button will appear in the system with which you can pay. In case there is already enough money in your e-wallet, you can click Pay per e-wallet.

Can I get the money back that is left in my account?2021-07-13T14:53:14+01:00

Yes, the money that is in your account is yours so we can always refund it. But make sure that there is always enough money in the e-wallet to pay for the services. If there is a negative balance, your account will go on standby.

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