Receive parcels

PriParcel can receive parcels from all countries and from all carriers.

A package from Amazon from Germany?
Not a  problem.

An order from Ali Express from China?
We receive them every day.

A number of boxes delivered by your supplier from Italy?
We are happy to support you in your business.

Are you a webshop owner and do you want us to receive your returns?
Please take a look at this page which explains the special service we have for receiving and processing your returns.


Opening hours

We can receive parcels from all web shops, all carriers and all countries at our delivery address in the Netherlands. We are open during business hours so we can receive your parcels from:

Monday to Friday
From 9 a.m. to 5.30 p.m.

During these days / times there are always people present to personally receive your parcels.
So we are closed in the evenings and on Saturdays and Sundays.

Receiving parcels: the conditions

  • PriParcel is designed to receive parcels and we are not suited to receive (or send) pallets

  • Packages that exceed the maximum weight (31 kg.) can not be processed because they need to be transported on a pallet

  • Do you want to receive parcels from outside the EU? Please check this page with more information about customs and how we deal with it.

  • A package that is addressed to PriParcel, instead of to you, will be refused, because we are not the recipient, you are. So always make sure that your (company) name and preferably also your Parcelbox number are stated in the address.

  • If there is no name/number on the package at all, the package will be returned to sender because it is impossible for us to determine for whom the package is intended.

Pick-up parcels from another location

If a package cannot be delivered to our warehouse or is refused by us, for whatever reason, in most cases the delivery person will bring it to a parcel point. Sometimes a note is left, but sometimes not… For this reason it is important that you keep an eye on the Track & Trace information and inform us when a package has been delivered at a parcel point. We can collect parcels for you from a parcel point, but please keep in mind additional costs are involved. Also keep in mind that a package usually only stays there for a few days before it is returned to the sender. And we need to have a valid copy of your ID, otherwise we will probably not be able to retreive it for you.

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