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A return address for your webshop

Of course, as a webshop owner you prefer not to receive returns. But when a customer does want to return a product, a clear and fast return procedure is essential.

One bad experience can already have a negative effect on the image and thus the number of visitors in your shop. A quick and careful return procedure, on the other hand, can ensure a positive experience that is shared. This will contribute to more satisfied and returning customers.

PriParcel has years of experience in receiving and processing webshop returns. With us you have a professional return address and you can count on a reliable service, without being tied to high costs.

Why outsource your webshop returns to PriParcel:

  • We can receive all packages from all carriers
  • PriParcel is specialized in receiving and processing returns
  • You can count on short communication lines and quick response
  • You pay the cheapest price per return, already from € 1,30 per parcel
  • Very low monthly subscription costs of only €8,00
  • Do you have special wishes? Just let us know!
  • Use our address for your business and keep your own address private
webshop returns

A webshop from home?

Do you run your webshop from home but do you not want uninvited customers at your door? Then use our address not only as a delivery or return address, but also as your postal and business address for the Chamber of Commerce. In this way you keep business and private life safely separated and you also make a professional impression to your customers. You already have this complete combination for € 48,20 per month!

You can easily arrange the postal and business address via PriOffice, so check this page for more information.

  • Return address for your
    webshop return items
  • Postal address for your
    business mail
  • Business address for the
    Chamber of Commerce

Webshop returns: what can we do for you

Every webshop is different and every webshop owner has his or her own wishes and ideas regarding the processing of returns. PriParcel likes to think along and we offer custom solutions to best match your needs. However, thanks to our years of experience, we know what the most common challenges are and we have a number of standard solutions for this. Below an overview of the most common activities we can perform for you:

  • Receive your returns
    From Monday – Friday from 9am -6pm, from all carriers
  • Visual check
    To inform you about the condition of the goods
  • Take pictures of the goods
    So you can see the condition of the goods
  • Scan the return form
    So you can take immediate action towards your customer
  • Remove outer packaging material
    So that we can consolidate the packages as efficiently as possible
  • Destruction of products
    In case you do not want to receive them back
  • Consolidate the returns
    So that you only have shipping costs once
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Special rates for webshops

The costs for processing your webshop returns start as low as € 1,30 per return item. The exact price depends on which activities we carry out for you, the number of returns and the complexity of the processing. We are flexible in adjusting, limiting and / or expanding the above-mentioned options. We tailor the return procedure to your wishes and will be happy to discuss this with you.

One-off setup costs

For setting up your account and the logistic process in our warehouse we charge a one-off fee of €12,50.

Monthly subscription

The subscription fee for webshops is only €8,00 per month.

Are you ready to create your PriParcel account?

Would you first like some more information or do you have a specific question?

Call us, sent an e-mail or chat with our colleagues via the contact page.

Questions and answers regarding webshop returns

What are the monthly costs if I have my returns taken care of by PriParcel?2021-07-14T17:08:42+01:00

The fixed monthly costs are only €5,- per month. In addition to that you pay a certain amount per received return. That amount depends on the activities that we carry out with your returns. Check out the rates on this page.

Is it obligated to have my business address with PriParcel when I make use of the return address?2021-07-14T17:07:46+01:00

No, the business address (offered by PriOffice) is not obligated. In case you do want to use the business address, it’s also not obligated to use the address in Pijnacker as PriOffice has multiple locations. However, Pijnacker is the only location where we can receive parcels.

Can PriParcel receive deliveries from my suppliers?2021-07-14T16:15:49+01:00

Yes, we can. And we can forward these parcels to your customers, to different addresses in each country.

Can PriParcel destroy the returns instead of forwarding them?2021-07-14T16:17:21+01:00

Yes, that is possible. Please contact us for more information and prices.

Can I come by to pick up my returns in stead of PriParcel forwarding them?2021-07-14T17:09:05+01:00

This is only possible when you have your business address (PriOffice) in Pijnacker and PriParcel processes your webshop returns. Otherwise we can only forward the parcels. If possible we can consolidate them into one shipment which saves you a lot on shipping costs.

Can I arrange dropshipping with PriParcel?2021-07-14T16:16:27+01:00

Yes, we can receive deliveries from your suppliers and forward them to your customers. But please note that we don’t offer E-fulfilment.

Can I adjust how my webshop returns are processed?2021-07-14T16:16:41+01:00

Yes, it’s always possible to make adjustments, just contact us about this by phone or email.

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