Receive packages anonymously

You often order products online but you don’t want to leave your private address everywhere?
You attach great importance to privacy?
Or do you maybe have a risky profession and are you looking for anonymity?

There are several reasons why someone chooses to receive packages anonymously. We understand that very well, because even sharing your address carries all kinds of risks. PriParcel makes it possible to receive parcels anonymously.

How to receive your parcels anonymously

Once you’ve created your PriParcel account, you can use our addresses to have your packages delivered. You can order the packages in your own name or you can use an alias. You can add one additional name (addressee/recipient) to your PriParcel account, which can be an alias name. This way we can see that the package delivered for that name belongs to you.

In addition to parcels, we can also receive anonymous mail for you, through our service PriPost. This means you no longer have to use your own address, so you can completely shield it from the outside world. PriPost has a lot of lawyers, administrators, celebrities, former politicians, etc. who use the service exactly for that reason.


Anonymity: we do not share data

Are you looking for anonymity and want to make sure that no data is leaking?
At PriParcel we know how important that is. However, you cannot be anonymous to us, because we need a few personal details from you. But rest assured, we will never share your information with third parties, unless required to do so by law.

At the same time, we guarantee that we will never share your data with third parties. Something that we have also included in our terms and conditions and privacy regulations. In there we explain how we deal with the legal obligations. And how we make sure that you can receive packages anonymously and your personal details don’t end up in the wrong hands.

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